QR codes and NFC stickers are central to a London cab company campaign

Quick response codes and near field communication tags are now being used to promote taxi app downloads. One of the largest cab operators in London, Radio Taxis, is now using QR codes and NFC stickers on its fleet of approximately 2,500 vehicles in order to promote its smartphone app and encourage a larger number of consumers to download it. The use of these stickers automatically directs mobile device users directly to the app’s download link. By either tapping the near field communication enabled stickers or scanning the QR codes, the mobile app can be downloaded so that, from then on, they will be able to hail the nearest Radio Taxis cab with the convenience of a single click. They will also be able to access real time information about the location of the vehicle so that they will be able to know exactly when it will arrive. At the moment, these QR codes and the NFC technology is available for only Android and Windows Phone users.

Source :  http://www.qrcodepress.com/qr-codes-nfc-stickers-central-london-cab-company-campaign/8527090/