InteliScan Assure

Counterfeiting of Products (fake or unlicensed) is a big menace to many business organizations in terms of revenue, safety, credibility and assurance.

Similarly, forged or fake certificates is another big menace to many Organizations (Government and Private) in terms of credibility and assurance. In some cases, the organizations issuing certificates or documents or reports also need to deliver an easy mechanism to their customers for accesing more details through the web, without having to remember user names, passwords, website links, etc.,

Inteliscan Assure, can be used as a power mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the product, Certificate or the Document issued as well as provide more details.

Assuring the authenticity of your Certificate / Document / Report

Inteliscan Assure will allow the user to ensure the authenticity of the document. This can be used as an influential mechanism to come over

- The problem of misuse of the document.

- Fraudulent representation of the facts.

- Forgery

- Used of expired certificates or documents.

Providing additional details for your Certificate / Document / Report

Assuring Authenticity of your product

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