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Advertising Industry

QR codes allow advertisements, brochures, posters, even billboards to direct users to a mobile landing page that contain much more information and interactivity than can be afforded on the printed page. This integration between print and web via mobile adds a new dimension of communication to any marketing or outreach effort.

QR Codes can be used for marketing and promotions in a variety of printed materials, including:

• Conference/Event Displays
• Print Advertisements
• Business Cards
• Brochures, Posters and Flyers
• Postcards and Mailers

Once a QR code is scanned the encoded information can be used to automatically trigger a range of actions on the user's device, including:

• View a Landing Page
• View a Message or Special Offer
• Download Contact Details
• Send a Text Message
• Send an Email
• Dial Telephone Number
• View a Google Maps Location
• View a Social Media Profile